Improved profitability, faster budgeting and easy financial closing
What the financial management really needs
BPWise supports
Complex business scenario
Wide geographical areas
Extensive distribution and retail networks
Different currencies
Full P&L
by product, categories, brands, key accounts
Planning scenarios   what-if analysis
Automated cost allocation
Flexible Manual Adjustments
Just in time Month End Closing (MEC)
Easy to use. Easy to configure.
Excel environment
Robust database
Standard web reports

What is BPWise?

BPWise is a business intelligence software focused on helping the top management to improve profitability, supporting the CFO in the budgeting process and the accountants/analysts in closing the monthly financials.
BPWise accesses and consolidates different data topologies, formats, and locations from multiple sources: ERP Connectors, ERPs (SAP and MFGPRO), Excel files (Actuals), External services (Distributors Forecasts) at regional and country level and deliver custom reports and a planning tool, multi-dimension and multi-scenario for the right and informed decision.
The solution is easy to configure using the Excel environment being sustained  by a robust database. Gain time as data import/export is not necessary any more.

Works with your ERP for accurate data

  • Integrates with any ERP or sales application

Easy to manage

  • Auto updates for the Excel add-on
  • Application Security through Active Directory
  • Minimum server maintenance required

High Scalability

  • Large volume of data is handled by Analysis Services
  • Historical data is kept for comparisons and time based analysis

Easy to use

  • Excel front end
  • Pivot table improvements
  • Standard Web Reports are implemented through Reporting Services

Easy to configure

  • There are no Excel limitations, because the rules are implemented behind Excel through powerful SQL syntax
  • No business concepts implemented in the application
  • All rules entered and maintained by the application administrator


Automated Costs Allocation based on Flexible user-defined Rules
BPWise works with your ERP for better control over costs allocation on products and customers: off-invoice discounts, trade deals, advertising and any other costs are AUTOMATICALLY allocated based on flexible rules.
Full P&L. Flexible setup and selfAdmin
BPWise generates a full and detailed P&L, taking the data from the ERP. Users can define flexible P&L rules. They can add new business units, categories, brands, SKUs, currencies, channels and other attributes.
Flexible Manual Adjustments
Reporting profits feature values that are easily adjustable from one product to another, or from one channel to another.
Just in time Month End Closing
Closing the month is a matter of minutes. Same for feeding the global planning system with the output. As a friendly touch, a BPWise addon can generate the P&L in Excel.
Multiple scenarios can be defined and used for what-if analysis. Actuals and planned amounts can be analysed in different formats and reports.

BPWise Modules

Input Module

  • Data extraction and consolidation
    • input files can be Excel templates
    • ERP Connectors available: SAP and MFGPRO
    • local, regional and country level

Reporting Module

  • Standard web reports

Export Module

  • Export plans to other system

Planning Module

  • P&L Multi-dimensions
    • any granularity level: Business units, SKU/Brand and Channel/Customer
  • Allocations & Adjustments
    • automatic distribution/allocation of values based on predefined rules (drivers)
    • manual adjustments based on the closing business rules
  • Multi-scenarios
    • what-if analysis
    • P&L financial scenarios
    • scenario comparability
    • combine actual and planned data into a single view
  • Multi-currency
    • data input in multiple currencies
    • currency consolidation for reporting
BPWise diagram
BPWise Diagram
BPWise Diagram

Who we address?

Finance Departments

Generate fast the result of month’s end closing P&L statement for the analysis of profitability, the drivers of profitability and costs.

Sales Departments

BPWise provide the best features for planning, budgeting, analysing discount budgets and training costs for certain customers/groups.

Marketing Departments

Analysing promotional expenditures by category, brand, products and their influence on the volumes achieved.

Logistic Departments

Detailed analysis of transport and storage costs.

Human Resources Departments

Complete analysis of expenditures on personnel .


BPWise proceed automatisation and control of all steps that are necessary for the analysts to create their own model of reporting.
BPWise access and consolidate different data types, formats and locations, from multiple sources: connectors ERP (SAP and MFGPRO), Excel files, outsourced (forecasts from distributors) at regional and country level. BPWise provides also custom reports and is used as effective planning tool with multi-scale and multi-scenarios options for complex decisions. The solution exports also data to other systems.
One of the highlights of BPWise is realised by successful merging a user familiar interface such Excel, which financial analysts already use on regular basis with hiding the complexity of such solutions behind for a wise and powerful IT tool.

The server

Is based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Enterprise Edition or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BI Edition – the product contains all the elements that allow storing data as cubes modeling and data integration with Excel in native manner.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cube
  • Microsoft Reporting Services Web Reports

The Client


  • Excel (v.2007, 2010, 2012) as the front-end add-on BPWise, handling and presentation of data
  • Application Management
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Tables for calculating inputs (data import templates)
  • Browser modern web reports and tables of data entry on the web
BPWise extracts data from source systems, primarily SAP, but may accept other data sources. Manipulation of data from mining to copy, all are under control of the analyst and not requires any complex technical knowledge. Export to different systems is automated, including files may be reviewed before being exported. All process elements in and out were carefully considered.

Support & Implementation

BITSoftware uses an agile BI methodology that has been proven to deliver good results when appropriate business and IT participants are actively involved and consultants have access to the relevant data. A key aspect of this methodology is regular communication between the BITSoftware consulting team and business stakeholders and IT analysts in the customer organization. Development consists of a series of iterative “design/build/review” exercises that validate the business information model at regular intervals as data is added to the repository.
The methodology is focused on six aspects of business intelligence project







We want to emphasis that though BI applications are an important part, they are not the only sufficient part in a BI environment. Quality data, solutions aligned to strategic business needs, appropriate governance and fast deployment of solutions, are all critical success factors.

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